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        中文 English ?? にほんご
        Brief Introduction to Mount Taibai

        Mount Taibai, located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, at the north foot of Qinling Mountains and on the border between Mei, Taibai and Zhouzhi counties, is the main peak of the Chinese famous Qinling Mountains Range and also the highest mountain in Eastern China, with the altitude of 3,771.2m. The Qinling Mountains is a natural shield for the south and north in China and also the dividing line between the Yangtze River system and Yellow River system. As the main peak of Qinling Mountains, Mount Taibai is more unique in its physiographic conditions; its cloud-kissing majestic momentum and mysterious climatic gestures rapidly changing have brought people an air of mystery and more desired by scientists and literary figures at home and abroad from ancient times.
        Famous for being high, cold, dangerous, peculiar, attractive, abundant and mysterious, Mount Taibai is becoming the dominant power in China. “Snow Covering Mount Taibai in June” is one of the popular eight scenic spots in the Central Shaanxi Plain. It is recorded in the Dayuan Yitong Zhi that “the mountain (Mount Taibai) is extremely high usually covered with snow and looks white and bright”; in the Sancai Tuhui compiled by Wang Xin in the Ming Dynasty, the description of snow all the year round in Mount Taibai is “snow in the mountain peak has never been melted all the year round and it looks still amazing even in high summer seasons”, however, the scene of snow on Mount Taibai in high summer is magnificent and lasts long, which is quite splendid, with radiant silver light able to be seen within 100 KM. It is not be over-exaggerated or made up; instead, it has a long history. Mount Taibai forms a perfect landscape system by virtue of its geology and landform, mountain glacier, attractive fountains and waters, forest community, astronomical landscape, exotic flowers & rare herbs and humanity history, so it is the best eco-tourist scenic spot.
        Mount Taibai is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains Range which is the boundary line for the climate between the south and north in China and also the dividing line between the Yangtze River system and Yellow River system. Just like a giant high and broad wall, the Qinling Mountains stops the airflow traveling both north and south, thus making the difference between the south and north climate obvious. Mount Taibai forms its particular climatic feature because of the giant drop height of the mountain, and in accordance with the characteristics of climate and vegetation, Mount Taibai can be divided into five obvious climatic zones from the bottom up, respectively the warm temperate zone, temperate zone, cold temperate zone, frigid zone and alpine frigid zone. The temperature in Mount Taibai changes rapidly, just like an ancient poetry going that people just say goodbye to the hot summer day in daytime and sleep together with snow in severe winter at night; spring flowers and autumn leaves are spreading on the road and the four seasons are just at one moment in fact. There is even beautiful lines saying that the foot of a mountain is in hot summer while the peak in spring and the foot of a mountain is cool while the peak cold; as there are colors of yellow, green, white, blue and purple from the foot to the peak of a mountain, it is hard to distinguish whether it is in spring, summer, autumn or winter.
        The unique natural environment of Mount Taibai breeds diverse biological species; with wide varieties and ancient origin, Mount Taibai becomes a natural species gene pool; there are 302 kinds of animals among which there are more than 230 kinds of birds and over 1,900 kinds of plants, so Mount Taibai has long been known as the “Asian Natural Botanical Garden” and “Natural Zoo in China”.
        The Mount Taibai National Forest Park is located in Mei County, Shaanxi Province and named for Mount Taibai; the State Forestry Administration approved to set up the national-level forest park in 1991 which has been open to outside world since July 1992. Awarded the “National Civilized Forest Park” and one of the first batch of “National 4A Level Scenic Spots”, the Mount Taibai National Forest Park has been rapidly developed into a tourist resort in West China integrating sightseeing tour & leisure holidays, scientific investigation & exploration and recuperation & health care. Covering an area of 2,929 ha, having eight large scenic regions including more than 180 scenic spots and with the altitude ranging from 620m to 3,771.2m, the Park is the highest national forest park. Taking the forest landscape as the main body, the green mountains and grotesque peaks the framework, the clean streams and green pools the clue and the human landscape the connotation, the Mount Taibai National Forest Park forms a vivid unique picture in which the static sight is in harmony with the dynamic one and in which the natural landscape and the human one are completely blended into one. In the Park, the mountains are green & beautiful and waters clear; landscapes of lakes and mountains peaceful & tranquil; meanders and mountain streams sparkling and crystal-clear, with wide and remote smog, spitting drops & splashing jade pulp and grotesque peaks & fantastic rocks, just like scenery in beautiful pictures. Being a part of the Park, everyone will feel the steep rising canyons, hovering stone paths, shade formed by ancient maples bending down the head and deep & quiet gullies. In spring, grasses and trees turn green and tens of thousands of flowers are in boom; in summer, shade is formed along the roads and the clear breeze blows gently; in autumn, there are various mountain fruits and the maple leaves seem to be charming; in winter, trees wear silver clothes; mountains are dancing like silver snakes; the hot springs releases the smog. There is the miracle of “snow in Mount Taibai in June”, the tallness and grace of “Doumu Grotesque Peak”, the cheerfulness of “Peaceful Cloud Sea”, the legends of “Camel God Tree” and “Sheep Herding Ancient Temple” and the past magnificence of “Bodhisattva Grand Hall”; here, not only every mountain & hill, gutter & gully, and peak & stone are very unique and beautiful but also each wood & tree, grass & flower and tree & branch wonderful and mysterious. Step on green grassland and enjoy endless sea of trees and deep shadows all over the ground; the bright sunshine penetrates the umbrella-like crown; the golden light spot sprinkles over the winding path; the whistling mountain breeze skims over the overhead treetop and the remote calling is echoing in the forest. Underneath the feet are ancient meandering paths and winding paths leading to secluded quite places. Birds are singing in ears and autumn insects are playing the piano along the stream. Looking on a little further, people can enjoy the green mountain ranges, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls and waterfalls & flowing fountains, all of which form scenery pleasant to people. Looking on a little nearer, people can enjoy grass like a carpet, singing birds and nice-smelling flowers, flying warblers and dancing swallows, all of which form the scenery alluring people. At this moment, the feeling of transcendence will arise spontaneously and the emotion of thinking of the past and missing the tranquility will come quietly. Why don’t people feel intoxicated and yearning when facing the peaceful & deep forest and fresh & moist air?

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